Asset Research

* Nationwide Legal Research, Inc. only provides data obtained through publicly accessible records, and cannot access or divulge private information from financial institutions or other sources.

** Nationwide Legal Research, Inc. is fully bonded and insured, and meets or exceeds all state and local licensing regulations governing private investigators and private investigation firms in Colorado and Wyoming.

There are many strategic maneuvers employed by individuals and companies to hide their assets prior to, and during, the civil litigation process.  These tactics are intended to mitigate their losses in the event of an unfavorable verdict. How are you to know what assets they are attempting conceal?  What are some of the ways in which these assets are reallocated in order to avoid their inclusion in judgments?  In many cases those asset will have a publicly accessible paper trail that can be followed, it is simply a matter of knowing where to look.

During our asset search these are the things that we strive to uncover.  We trudge through mounds of information from real estate and vehicle records to prior civil litigation actions, which may contain insight into financial holdings.*  Through an independent analysis of information from up to 35 index and database searches we compile pertinent information into a concise, detailed and easy-to-read report.

In this investigation we also perform a cursory search to identify any other derogatory information that may aid in the recovery of monies owed to you as an aggrieved party.

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