* Nationwide Legal Research, Inc. is fully bonded and insured, and meets or exceeds all state and local licensing regulations governing private investigators and private investigation firms in Colorado and Wyoming.

The due diligence research performed by Nationwide Legal Research reports on the data obtained from approximately 65 unique searches, including on-site research where necessary.  The sources searched range from national, state and local government records to news articles and social media.  Identified information is compiled into an easy-to-read due diligence report, and any key discrepancies identified are passed on to you immediately upon discovery.

It is our job to give you the peace of mind in knowing what you are getting involved in, whether it is with regard to an investment, new hire, legal actions or any other number of situations.

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Due Diligence Research

Today's society is unfortunately not as simple as it once was.  Identity theft is on the rise, cyber-crime is a real threat to corporations and individuals can obtain diplomas from online paper mills.  How do we know who we are getting into business with?  How do we keep from having the reputation of our companies disparaged by those few "rotten apples" that mislead us with their online presence, resumes and/or applications?  The answer is through the implementation of due diligence research.

Due diligence research delves into the background of an individual or company.  This research is not your average cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution offered for $19.95 on hundreds of instant background check websites.  The truth is that those record searches are extremely limited, and don't provide a fraction of the information available.  Moreover, these sites will not tell you that all information is not available in one location or that some information may not even be available online.